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    An Introduction To Our Supplements

    Morinda Probiotic
    This easily digestible daily capsule restores healthy, beneficial bacteria to the digestive system and gut to maintain digestive health, immunity health and gastrointestinal health.
    Morinda Omega 3,6,9
    Each of the healthy fats found in this supplement help your body function properly. The Omega-3 fats support a healthy heart, brain and metabolism. Omega-6 fats are a great source of natural energy from the body, and finally Omega-9 fats strengthen your metabolic health.
    Morinda Whole Vitamin Plus
    Morinda Whole Vitamin Plus delivers essential vitamins along with whole foods. Taking a multivitamin has been shown to support healthy aging, reduce cardiovascular disease and even decrease the risk of some cancers. Do your body a favor and try this vitamin today.
    Morinda Calcium Plus
    Morinda Calcium Plus provides the body with high-quality calcium
    to help your body build and maintain strong bones. Calcium is also an essential mineral for proper function of your heart, muscles and nerves and some studies have even shown that calcium protects against diabetes and high blood pressure.
    Morinda Eye
    Think of how much joy the gift of sight gives you in your life. It allows you to see the beautiful faces of your family, the gorgeous outdoors, and so many other things. But how often do you support your eyes? Our Morinda’s Eye supplement allows you to do just that by nourishing your body with the vitamins needed to support your eye health, so that you can continue to enjoy all they give you.
    Morinda CoQ10
    CoQ10 is draws its power from Coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance found in the body. While your body produces this substance, CoQ10 works to boost your supply to assist functions of the heart, increase your energy, and provide antioxidant protection.
    Morinda Turmeric Curcumin
    Turmeric Curcumin is a natural supplement that can do wonders for your health. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and the ability to maintain joint health and assists in digestion this blend is a simple way to feel healthier than ever!
    Morinda Colon Cleanse
    This supplement gently gently cleanses the colon of toxins, allowing for increased nutrient absorption and digestive health. Cleaning your colon has also been shown to increase your energy, and kick start weight loss, try it out for yourself!
    Morinda Enzyme Blend
    This blend helps to maintain gut health, something that can improve your entire health. We are a big proponent of gut health here.
    Read more about it in one of our previous blog posts!

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