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    Top 5 Morinda Products

    Have you ever gone to an ice cream shop and was unable to decide what to get because there were so many flavors to choose from? Being a new Morinda customer can be a lot like that. We have a wealth of products and product lines, so where should someone start?

    Well, allow me to be of some assistance. Here are the top five Morinda products every new customer should try.

    1.       Tahitian Noni Juice: Okay, this first pick was so obvious that I considered not mentioning it, but it definitely belongs atop this list. Tahitian Noni Juice is Morinda's first ever product, and its most famous and beloved. It's the first ever commercial noni product, and encapsulates what Morinda is all about. We aim to help bless people's health through making products with the earth's best ingredients, and noni is what truly sets us apart from everyone else. Once a complete unknown to the majority of the world, this superfruit provides a wealth of health benefits, and it's the key reason why Tahitian Noni Juice makes you healthier, gives you more energy, and helps strengthen and balance the whole body - as people from all around the world will testify.

    2.       Noni Brightening Serum: Now we go from our oldest product to one of our newest. Our TeMana brand consists of high-end, luxurious beauty products, and the star of our Noni Brightening Line is the Noni Brightening Serum. It contains the highest concentration of noni seed extract than any other product, and that extract is prized for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits. The serum provides illumination and radiance to the skin, while reducing fine lines and pores.

    3.       Sugar Stop: I don't have to tell you that sugar isn't particularly good for you. Unfortunately, not only are sugary treats hard to resist, but sugar is even in many other foods you wouldn't necessarily expect: pasta, sauces and condiments, fruits and fruit juice, bread, cheese and much more. But by reducing the amount of sugar your body absorbs by up to 60 percent, thanks to Sugar Stop, you'll be doing something fantastic for your health. Oh, and did I mention Sugar Stop's proven fat-flushing fiber blend?

    4.       Rapid Fuel: There are countless protein products out there, but none quite like Rapid Fuel. What makes it unique is its patent-pending formula that enables you to use Rapid Fuel before, during or after exercise without stomach discomfort. But even if you're not an athlete or a regular at the gym, Rapid Fuel helps you build lean muscle and even provides a natural energy boost. So, it is truly a product for everyone.

    5.       Tahitian Noni Essential Oils Relax Blend: We have 12 unique and fantastic Tahitian Noni Essential Oil blends for you to try, but today I'm going to focus on our Relax Blend. It's a great introduction to our essential oils, which are the only ones to feature noni seed oil. How do I know that? Because Morinda has a patent on noni seed oil, which improves the efficacy of our essential oil blends. Our Relax Blend is made up of aromatic ingredients specifically chosen for their soothing and calming properties, helping you quiet your mind and ease your senses, whether used topically or in aromatherapy. 

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